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The Announcement of the creator increase the speed of python in 2022!

In February 2021 python completed 30 years. The 30 years of changing the programming world.

In 30years python has done exceptional changes moving toward data science and machine learning.

It was a hobby project of Guido van Rossum as a successor of ABC programming language.

Python is a dynamic programming language. The speed of python is slow than C++.

In the Pycon Us conference Creator of python Guido van Rossum announced in python 3.11 python community will increase the speed of the python.

Why Increase the python speed?

Python facing speed compatibility. it’s slower than the C++ language.

For that purpose, python has moved toward data science and Machine learning framework.

This is decreasing the GPU workload.

The Graphical processing unit(GPU) is a computer chip that renders the graphics and images by performing rapid mathematical calculations.

The second reason behind the move toward data science and Machine Learning is the large Numpy and Tensor flow library.

In Pycon Us conference Guido explains that for better performance and code maintenance python will move toward the speed of 2.x in python 3.11.

Although, Guido told,” It will only benefit for CPU extensive pure python code and the website which built-in with python “.

It’s not so beneficial for workflow which is written in C such as Numpy and Tensor flow.

Recently, the python creator had retired from Dropbox after creating millions of lines of python code for Dropbox.

He said, “I have bored in the house. So, I decided to apply for Microsoft.”

Microsoft had invested in PSF(Python software foundation). It has released a free python course for Microsoft Azure.

There are many Microsoft developer that is developing CPython.

Guido announces that the python community will not break the code, only maintain the code.

Because he believes that code stability is important for python.

What changes will be made?

In the short term python, community focused on the performance improvement in version 3.11.

Guido suggested that all changes made in CPython will be open source projects.

He expressed that the python community drastically make changes in bytecode, Interpreter, Compiler and system because they are changing between versions.

The bytecode is not compatible with the current version.

Also, he suggested that for speed improvement python community need to focus on optimizing frame stack, Changing how function calls and efficient exception handling.

All changes which will be made in CPython will be available on the Github repository.


After completing 30 years in the programming world. The creator Guido going to make changes in python performance.

Python has a great history of becoming a fun language to professional terminology.

All changes are announced at Pycon Us conference.

The creator Guido joined Microsoft after retirement from Dropbox.

All changes will be made in python 3.11 on the GitHub repository.

Python 3.11 will be released in 2022.

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