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Can I Learn python in a Month?

Python is a highly interpreted language.

That means it executes the code line by line.

It has an easy to use syntax and automatic memory.

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The automatic memory easily uses garbage collection.

It’s a dynamic and multiprocessing language that makes it easy to use.

All things in python are objects. That means methods and processes.

All this behaviour of python makes it a more popular language in the world.

According to the TIOBE 2021, Python growing fast, compared to other languages.

So, let’s come to the question. Can I learn python in a month?

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Most people ask this question.

But I have something to say about this:-

Why python?

Why do you want to learn python?

Why do you want to learn in a month?

So, I’m going to encounter these questions.

Why python?

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Don’t learn python because I and somebody else is saying.

The greatest thing is that it’s a beginner level language.

That means if you don’t have any experience with programming language. You can start with it.

The second reason behind it is to use syntax. That giving you focus on what you want, Not the syntax of the language.

If you’re the people who love less code. You can try it.

In python, you can do the task in fewer steps, Comparison to other languages.

If you align these all behaviour with python, you can learn it.

If not, go to the next programming language.

You can align with their philosophy.

So, you can see the functionality of python, In which It builds on.

Why do you want to learn python?

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You want to learn python because it’s in trend. No…No!

It’s not the right way to see any programming language. Because trends are changing too fast.

You can’t go according to trend. Although you can see what’s happening in that trends.

Because Today python is in trend, after some years another language.

You’d never know how fast the trend is changing.

It’s good you learn python if you want to go into the field of Data science and web servers.

Also, you can learn Python for game development and automation.

If you think python for Android tastes. You are wrong.

It’s not for Android, Android supports static language such as Java and javascript.

You can go using the kiwi framework but it’s not for the android taste.

So, I sum up this. you should know what’s the purpose behind this?

That means you want to go which career in python.

Why do you want to learn in a month?

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You want to learn in a month because exams are coming. You have to pass the exam.

I’ll give you some tricks and tips and you crack it.

But it’s valid to pass the exam or you’re interested in learning?

If you’re interested in learning then I can tell you what can you learn in a month.

Not for a quick result, but to see your growth in a month.

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To see where you have reached in one month. You’re learning or something missing.

That’s the reason you should learn in a month.

So, let’s come to the centre of this blog. Can I learn python in a month?

Yes, you can learn python’s basics, not whole.

If I motivate you, yes, In a month you can learn. it’s a stupid thing for you.

If your ability to take and make a code is great then you can learn 25% of python in a month.

So, don’t expect a quick result.

In a month you can learn syntax, numbers, data type, function, class and regular expression.

This is not enough for python but as a month learner, it’s growth for you.

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To learn fast you can go to social media and watch the people who had learned python in less time.

These will increase your learning speed and tell you what’s important for you.

Also, you can go for beginner-level projects in python.

There are many projects you can search on google.

So, In this section, I have told you what’s important, fulfilment or growth!

People don’t give close attention to these questions. They only want to complete, I don’t know why?

They going according to popularity.

It seems to me, “Donkey chasing the Carrot “.

And the donkey never going to found the carrot.


Python’s popularity gained the attention of many people.

It’s easy to use attitude make enthusiasm between people.

You can learn python basics- syntax, class, function in a month.

For advanced topics, you need time and energy. There is no quick solution for this.

So, what do you think about it? Can you learn python in a month? Comment on it!

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