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Python lambda: express in less!

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In the previous blog, python-function you had seen how can you use the function to make your program easier and divide it into subprograms.

But functions taking more lines of code to do the things. It making program too large.

It’s hard to define one function inside another function. It’s time-consuming.

Python function remaining throughout the program.

Suppose you have to do all these things easily. How would you do? What things come to your mind?

Probably, you come to something interesting. Something like lam..

If you have not understood. It’s a python lambda!

What is the python 🐍 lambda?

Python lambda is a keyword that executes the expression in one line of code.

With the help of this, you can create a function that is going to execute in one line.

For example,

x=lambda args: expression 

Why use lambda in python🐍?

The lambda in python use for expressing functions in one line of code.

It doesn’t have a function name. It uses only the lambda keyword.

If you have to use the function temporarily. You can use lambda.

Using the lambda function you can define a function and call it immediately.

It is slightly faster than normal function. Because normal function using the def keyword which processes some extra time.

How to use the lambda function in python🐍?

The lambda function can be used in one line of code.

For example,


Here, you can see that defining a function name and expression you can do in one line of code.

The a is a lambda keyword for this expression.

Here, a is an argument and a+5 is an expression for this code.

When I’m passing 5 through x then 5 is assigning to the argument a. Then it giving the output for expression.

The lambda function can take any number of arguments.

For example,

Here, you can see that I have passed 2 arguments a and b. The output is the addition of two numbers.

Remember, lambda is an anonymous function. You can do it for a temporary purpose.

Use lambda function as anonymous inside another function

The benefit of the lambda function is that you can use it anonymous inside another function.

You can assign one function to another and pass value through it.

For example,


Here, you can see that the lambda function has defined inside the number function.

First, the number function has stored inside the variable my doubles which is the lambda variable.

Second, I have passed value 11 through mydoubles variable. This number 11 has assign to variable a.

The number 2 has assigned to variable n.

When it has expressed output has come 22.

Do this for triples of number.

For example,


Here, you can see that value of n is 3 and the value of a is the same as 11.

From two programs observations, you can see that you can do doubles, triples programs with lambda as you want.

Suppose you have to do doubles and triple in one program. How will you do it?

For example,


Remember, you can use the lambda function as an anonymous function inside another.

There are many disadvantages of the lambda function also:-

• use for normal use not   
giving name function.
• lambda function can
only have one
• lambda function
doesn't have a
docstring that means
you can't explain the
code in the lambda

In these all examples, you had seen python lambda function has both pros and cons how you use it depends upon you.


Many programmers don’t take the lambda function seriously. The reason behind this, you can’t explain code properly.

The second cause is that you can only express one expression in the lambda function.

Sometimes you can use list compression in place of python lambda.

Rather than its disadvantage, there are many advantages. For example,

• express in one line
• pass as many arguments
as you want.

Python lambda function has a clear purpose to the expression in one line of code.

I hope you loved this blog. If there is anything that I should do. You can tell me. I feel happy about it.

"Quality brings clarity"

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