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Python Intro- Core values of python!

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You had seen my many blogs. I have told you about coding in python and all the stuff of python code.

In this blog, you are going to see the core value of python. Why you should use python?

What’s the benefit of the python language?

What benefit does it provide a comparison to another programming language?

History of python

History of python

In the late 1980s, the Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum created a python as a successor of ABC programming language.

It was a hobby project of Guido van Rossum during work in ABC.

The first version of python 0.9.0 released in 1991 which has simple features not a large standard library.

The second version 2.0 released in 2000 with some key features. For example, List comprehension and garbage collection system.

Python 3.0 released in 2008 with backwards compatibility.

Python 2.0 was discontinued in 2020.

Why python?

Why to use python?

Python gives the sense to write in fewer lines. It does not need more lines to execute the python code.

Its syntax is easy to understand and consume.

To go to the next line you don’t need an apostrophe(;) or semicolon(:). You can easily go with the enter button.

It has a great sense of simplicity and user readability.

It has a large library to make the program more interesting.

Python is Interpreted language that means it executes as soon as possible. Because of this prototyping,the python language is fast.

What is python?

What is python?

Python is a high interpreted language. Which executes as soon as possible.

It is used for:-

• Web development
• software development
• Mathematics
• system scripting

It is highly used in the game development field.

It’s Object-oriented_programming language. Where everything is based on objects.

It’s a sequential programming language that means everything starts from Top to bottom.

Area’s of python

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Python can be used to create a web application on a server.

You can connect python to the database to perform big data and complex calculations.

You can also use python in the field of data science, Machine Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI), scientific computing, data analysis and data visualisation.

You can create many Graphical user interfaces(GUI). For, example GUI for the calculator.

The most interesting and new field which you found with love is Search engine optimisation(SEO) in digital marketing.

With the help of SEO, you can arrange the keyword. You can find which keyword the user searching for.

It has great use in Natural language processing(NLP). With the help of NLP, you can make the connection between human and computer language.

It is also used in game design, blender, animation and many more things.

It has a great design philosophy that giving purpose to the python language.

Design philosophy of python

Design philosophy of python

Python proposes code readability and simplicity.

The language core philosophy includes in The Zen of Python.

There are some lines such as:-

• Beautiful is better
than ugly.
• Explicit is better
than implicit.
• Simple is better than
• Complex is better than
• Readability counts

The python community strive for simpler, less clutter while giving choice to the developer.

The python focuses only on one way to do the things.

The one way should be simpler and understandable.

The main goal of the python community is to make python fun and interesting.

They don’t use foobar. They give more sense to practical examples.

You have seen all the why, what and how of the python 🐍 language.

You should know

Should know

• The name python 🐍 came to an idea from the British comedy show Monty-python.

• The founder of python trusted with ABC Programming language. Then created python language.

• Some syntax of python taken by Apple to create a programming language Swift.

• In the recent survey in 2015, python suppress the French language prefer by parents to give to their children.

• If you type import antigravity in python idle it opens a web page with modules of comic.

• Many big organisations and companies using python. For example,

• Nasa
• Nokia
• Netflix
• Google
• yahoo!
• Facebook
• Mozzila
• Dropbox
• Amazon
• Youtube
• Uber
• Udemy
• Reddit

With all these applications you can see how python spreading from company to company.

People loving it and sharing it.


• Python’s easy to use syntax, clear and precise structure changing the dynamics of code.

• The main purpose behind this is to make a fun and less cluttered program.

• Many big companies and organisations using python because of its easy to use syntax, flexibility and simplicity.

Python playing a key role in data science and maths.

• It has vast applications in AI and SEO.

I hope you loved this! If there is any misinformation you can tell me.

I hope you had understood the purpose of the python language through this blog.

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