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Python beating the C and Java

In 2021 python completed 30 years. These 30 years of amazing experience made python strong and stable.

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These 30 years are not only good for python but also for the whole industry.

In three decades C took the first position in many surveys. Java is also exceptional in these decades.

But recent statistics showing something different. Drastic changes are happening in the industry.

Tiobe July Index 2021

According to the tiobe community July 2021 index python gaining momentum.

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In this report, the C has gained the first position. But python overtakes java as the second position.

C, Python and Java are the three top programming languages in this index.

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Although, C took 1st position. But the growth rate isn’t good for C.

According to the tiobe index C  loss for 4.83%, Java loss for 3.93% and what do you think about python?

It took also some loss. No, it’s a lie. Python gains the momentum of 1.86%. That’s shocking because sometime before Java looking to surpass python.

The difference between C and python is 0.67%, according to the tiobe index.

Tiobe started in 2001 as a hobby project for ranking programming languages. It collects the data based upon the searches in search engines.

In 2001, Java, C and C++ gained the top position. But with time statics has changed.

What the CEO of tiobe said?

The CEO of tiobe Jansen said,” Python is gaining momentum fast. When I had gone to a mechanic, I said, you know about software engineering. He took the python book.”

” This incident makes impression on my mind. I made a gut feeling that someday python will be a top performer “, said Jansen.

He suggested, ” Today programming is everywhere. Today it’s not only for programmers but also for individuals. Python is easy to use, so people prefering it.”

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According to him if python will dominate the market in recent years it wouldn’t shock him.

The report showing Java is going in a continuous negative growth rate. It’s not good for Java.

For the first time in the history of tiobe Java lost its position. It’s quite shocking.

According to Jansen, it’s interesting to see what will be happening in recent years.

What major changes are happening in near future?

The tiobe index showing that Python is gaining momentum. C had lost some positions but an alarming situation for java.

RedMonk’s Q1 2021 Ranking Report

RedMonk is an organisation giving ranking based on the Github repository.

The ranking depends on the developer community such as stack overflow.

This ranking analysed the popularity of language in the developer’s community.

This survey is showing that JavaScript is most famous in Github and StackOverflow.

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Python beat Java and gain 2nd position in this survey. Java set to 3rd position, after Losing one position.

Behind the top three programming languages, there are many languages, such as SQL, rust, R, visual basic, C# and C++.

You can see that python is gaining popularity and Java losing its position.

Tech-giants choice

The big tech giants- Google, Facebook and Microsoft moving toward a rust language. Because it’s easy to fix bugs and making the system more secure.

Google moving toward changing android into a rust programming language.

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Google also wants to use rust in the Linux kernel system.

Facebook also moving toward rust because it’s an alternative to C and C++.

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Microsoft made the big move to support the python language. It also hires the founder Guido as a distinguished engineer.

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The reason behind this is the development of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft developing the CPython for fast python.

This all showing that tech-giants interested in fast and secure language.

Python taking part in azure development.Where rust is growing fast in Google and Facebook.


Python’s easy to use attitude gaining momentum in the programming world.

Both Tiobe and RedMonk’s 2021 reports showing that python is suprassing C and Java.

Big tech giants- Google, Facebook and Microsoft changing their dynamics.

Google and Facebook moving toward the Rust language as an alternative to C and C++.

Microsoft developing the CPython for azure development. For this, it hired the founder as a distinguished engineer.

In the coming years it would be exciting to see which language dominates the Market.

What do you think, which language dominate the market? Which language do you want to see in the top position? comment on it! You can communicate with me!

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