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6 Best Website to Master python

In 1991, the Dutch programmer created python as a hobby project.

What do you think about the name? The name came from snake no…no. It’s not from animals.

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It’s from Monty python ‘The flying circus‘ British comedy show. The founder of python love to watch it. He learnt English from this.

After 30 years python is in a row of dominating programming language.

So, what makes python so cool?

The easy to use syntax and automatic memory. You can do more in less philosophy makes it cool.

It’s showing the philosophy of python.

You would say Ok, but How could I learn It online.

I’m going to show you some adorable websites to learn python from scratch.

Some are free, some paid but all are holding great value from each other.

Remember, every website can’t suitable for your personality. So, be careful.

Before jumping any website check out all introductions and see its suitable for you or not.

After, choosing the website that is suitable for you, jump in that.

I hope you understand not to choose every website. Choose what’s suitable for you.

So, I’m going to starts a website name’s sequence. Watch with curiosity.

W3schools for Python

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This is the first website out of 6. If you like short and simple clarification. You can use W3schools.

The benefit of using it is that you can try code in their editor.

Not only it’s good for python but it also for other languages; Java, HTML, JavaScript etc.

W3schools also contain quizzes at the last of each topic. That shows you,your strong and weak points.

It has a game, where you have to move the dog forward with command.

You can check out this adorable website at

I hope the W3schools is suitable for you.

If not move to next website.

Real Python

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Second but not least is the Real Python.

If you are ready to become a master of python then it’s for you.

It has free blogs, but if to learn advanced topics you have to pay for it.

If you are ready to pay. It’s great for you.

If you observe it has 1300 pages of resources and great visuals.

I love the logos and the quality of the content.

The adorable thing is the follow-up email where you can get tips and tricks from it.

If you are ready to put 60$ in their account they are going to show you their quality.

You can check at Real python.

I hope the price is affordable to you. If not go to the next section of this blog.


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If you like university structure learning you can check out Coursera.

Coursera’s great structure for python learning makes it more attractive to professionals as well as students.

Many universities teaching in Coursera. For example, the University of Michigan for python.

You can learn python from an expert. It’s reliable and consistent.

There are assignments, you have to complete to move forward.

The popular course for python is “Python for everybody” by the University of Michigan.

In this course, 2.5M students had enrolled. It’s a beginner-level course.

Python for everybody

If you want a certificate from couresa you have to pay $29 to 100$ a course.

The advantage of Coursera is that it’s collaborated with many big universities of the world.

If you want to know more you can visit

Edx Microsoft

Edx collaborated with tech giant Microsoft for python course.

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This course is completely free. You can learn from it.

If you like theory and practicals at once you can visit this course.

This course is highly structured and flexible for professional.

If you want a certificate from Microsoft you need to pay some money.

In edx, you can find many more Universities. For example, MIT python, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech.

If you want to know more, you can visit

Udemy for python

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If you are interested in crash courses or quizzes you can join udemy.

Udemy is for people who love to learn from videos. You can take quizzes and check out the free python courses.

For this, you have to create an account on udemy. You can search for python in udemy.

This is one course I have chosen You can see the price of it.

You can choose a different course at different prices.

Many people took their course free in udemy for engagement of students in course.

If you need high level course you can also take. But you need to pay some money.

For more, you can visit


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If you love interactive learning you can join codecademy for python.

Codecademy is great for the instant implementation of code.

You don’t want to download the python interpreter.

Codecademy has its python interpreter where you can practice python code.

Python 2 is free of cost. But for Python 3 you have to pay some money.

It has all courses from beginner to advance level.

For more, you can visit Codecademy.


Python’s easy to use attitude influencing many people.

People facing difficulty in finding the right resources to learn python.

I have tried to come up with the 6 best websites.

The 6 websites which holding values.

So, what do you think is the best website for python? Comment on it! Communicate with me!!

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