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What if Python wouldn’t create?

Python is a high level and Interpreted language.

It’s a successor of ABC language.

The founder of python created it because of weak GUI(Graphical User Interface) in ABC language.

Python is easy to use. You can code in few lines.

You don’t need to care about syntax. You can focus on what you want from that syntax.

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Where it’s using?

Python is mostly used in desktop and web server environments.

It’s a dynamic language, so people trying to use it in Quantum Computer.

It’s a front end language. So, you can use for GUI(Graphical User Interface) of the application.

GUI(Graphical User Interface)

For GUI(Graphical User Interface) you can use the Tkinter framework.

You can use it in game development.

It’s using in big companies such as Netflix, Dropbox, Google, Facebook and many other companies.

Microsoft using CPython as the azure’s development.

It hired the founder as a distinguished engineer for the development of CPython.

The Guido will make CPython fast. The CPython will release in 2022.

You can learn data science and AI(Artificial Intelligence) with python easily.

Panda framework is great for python. You can use it for statics.

Data science

Data science

Python has large scientific libraries.

So, you can use python for data science. In currently python is highly recommend for data science.

In data science you have to take care of Numbers.

Python is efficient to handle numbers compare to other languages.

Such as Java,JavaScript and C languages.

Most popular framework are numpy, scipy and panda.

You can handle data easily with these frameworks.

AI(Artifical Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

In today’s era, AI is famous. Because of its automation.

You don’t need to do every task. AI will do it for you.

It means it making computers and machines more efficient. You don’t care about it.

Python is good for automation. The quality of reading code from top to bottom making it best for automation.

Python is OOP(object-oriented programming). That means all things are processes and methods.

This Processes, making python strong for automation.

Web servers

Web servers

It’s a dynamic and multiprocessing language.

That makes it more useful for web servers.

You can create a web server using python language.

The most famous web server is Dropbox’s server. That is completely created from python.

Game development

Game Development

You can create a game using python.

To create a flexible and compatible game you need a pygame framework.

For example, you can create an alien game.

This alien game uses python’s basics such as a dictionary, list and tuple.

Quantum computers

Quantum computers

Quantum computers are an enthusiastic field of computing.

For this computer scientists using a programming language.

Currently, python is Using in IBM’s quantum computer.

IBM created an online environment for quantum programming.

You can search it on Google.

To use this, you should know about the basics of quantum computers such as Qbit, Qskit.

These all are great benefits of using a python programming language.

What if Python wouldn’t create? Then this all things are diminished?

No…something different had happened.

In the below section, you are going to see what wouldn’t happen if Python on is not created?

What if Python wouldn’t create?

What if Python wouldn’t create?

Below are many areas where python wouldn’t use then it’ll impact the industry.



If python wouldn’t create the Dropbox server looks something different today.

It’s possible that Dropbox wouldn’t created and you can’t share file online.

The Dropbox founder drew hoston said,”If python wouldn’t created, Dropbox will never created “.

It’s possible that server industry could be slow and less growing.

This makes python suited for web servers.

GUI(Graphical user interface)

GUI(Graphical User Interface)

GUI which makes python interesting.

The entertainment giant Netflix using python for it’s GUI(Graphical User Interface).

If python wouldn’t created Netflix’s Great GUI looks something different.

Netflix has to use multiple languages for its GUI(Graphical User Interface).

Python simplicity philosophy contributed to Netflix.

Google Analytics shouldn’t be so automatic without python.

It could be complex for users.

The search box of Google looks something different.



Python is OOP(Object-oriented programming language).

That means all things in python are processes and methods.

For automation, you need a loop for specific conditions. These loops are break when the condition doesn’t match.

Python has flexibility over this. It uses for and while loop.

If python wouldn’t be created automation would be a complex process.

AI(Artificial Intelligence) is widely used for automation. And python is a large contributor to AI.

Data science

Data science

Data science deals with a variety of maths and statics methods.

It deals with large numbers. Python is great for numbers.

It’s more flexible to learn data science with python.

Many frameworks using data science such as NumPy, panda and scipy.

If python wouldn’t be created then for large numbers you have to make a system.

That large numbers would pass through the system and function applied to them.

It could take more time. The flexibility of data science could freak.


Python is a dynamic and multiprocessing language.

You can use it in areas of data science, AI and many more.

It’s an interesting and debatable question what if python wouldn’t create?

There’re many things today that seems different. For example, Netflix’s GUI(Graphical User Interface).

It’s possible that Dropbox the online file-sharing system wouldn’t be created.

You could face difficulty in sharing files.

Python greatly shaped Google Analytics and the search box.

If it wouldn’t create google analytic could be difficult to use.

So, what do you think about it? If python wouldn’t create what would happen? What changes you could see on big tech giants? Comment on it!!!

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