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Why python “isn’t coming” on Mobile devices?

Python completed 30 years in Feb 2021. It was a great journey for python as a web service and Application language in the programming world.

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In 1991 python was created as a hobby project of Guido van Rossum as a successor of ABC programming language.

The python was created because of a lack of GUI(Graphical user interface) in ABC language.

In Feb 2021, at Pycon Us conference the creator announced some bombastic changes in a python language.

The creator announces some short term and long term goal for python language.

According to the creator, the python community is going to increase the speed of the CPython.

The reason behind it’s that the programming industry is changing very fast and people want a language that’s fast and flexible.

The new language such as Julia and rust gaining the traction of programmers and programming enthusiastic.

Guido von Rossum joined Microsoft as an engineer after retirement from Dropbox.

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Guido said,” I have joined Microsoft because I’m bored at home.”

Microsoft has given him the freedom to choose any project he wants. It’s happening because many Microsoft developers are working on CPython projects to make it faster.

The tech-giant interest behind CPython is that it wants to develop it for Microsoft Azure development.

For this purpose, Microsoft gave a free course in python language. So, many people can learn Azure and make growth in Microsoft Azure development.

Previously, tech giant, Microsoft has contributed to PSF(Python software foundation) for the development of CPython.

When asked about, ‘Why python is not coming in android?’

Why python is not coming in android?

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According to the creator, “Python taking more memory and battery. When the user runs the python program the better sucks easily.”

Guido had explained that Python is big and slow. And from the starting point of the language python community has focused on applications and web development.

Although, python is popular for backend web services.

Working in Dropbox, Guido created many lines of code.

Guido said,” Google has less work on python but Dropbox has created a whole server with python.”

Python value isn’t for mobile devices at this time. They’re focus on CPython and workflow.

Python is good in data science and Machine learning platform

Android need a static code for the development where python is a dynamic programming language.

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According to Guido, ” Python is created for desktop or workstation platforms.”

The Android pretend to be Linux which wants a fast system.

Python is a multiprocessing language that isn’t suitable for mobile development.

Guido said, ” Python community need a solution for multiprocessing in android system.”

So, although python isn’t used in android or mobile development. But it would be interesting to see it on mobile development.

It would be fascinating how the process and system will be look in python created mobile application.


Python is created for workstations and desktop environments.

Python is big and slow which does not fit in the criteria of android or mobile system.

Another thing is that python is dynamic and a multiprocessing system but for Android, you need static type language such as Java and Javascript.

There’re many resources that you have to download for python, which isn’t suit for android.

So, what do you think about the mobile app created in python language? Comment on it? Give the info about it!

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