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Features of Python programming language

In 1991 Guido is working in ABC language.

At working ABC he found that the lack of GUI(Graphical User Interface) in ABC Language.

So, he created Python language.

Python is a high general and Interpreted language.

Because of this python is using in webservers and desktop environments.

In desktop environments, it is open source.

because of open source, you can use python effectively.

In this blog, you are going to see great features of the python language.

Easy to code

Easy to use

Python has easy to use syntax.

Because of this, you can do the task in less code.

Python has only one way to do things compare to other programming languages.

In the PEP Module of python, you can see the philosophy of python. For example,

1.Simple is better than complex

Because of this philosophy python is simple and easy to use.

Python has a top to bottom approach. because of this, it’s useful in AI(Artificial Intelligence).

Its easy use attitude makes it useful for output oriented. You don’t need to focus on syntax.

Free and open source python

Free and open source

Python is Free and Open-source.

Free means you can download it from You don’t need to pay for it.

The behaviour of free making it open source. That means you can view the source code of python.

That Free and open-source behaviour making it developer-friendly.

Portable python

Python is portable

It is a free and open-source language.

This open-source attribute making it portable on every platform.

For example, You have created code in the windows platform. you’ve to make it available for Mac or Linux platform.

You’d think I’ve to change code for Linux or Mac platform.

No, you don’t need to change the code.

Python will do it for you.

High level langauge

High-level language

Python is a high-level language.

So, you don’t need to remember the architecture of the python language.

Because of this, you can move forward.

After moving forward you can create new processes.

For a new process, you don’t need to manage the memory.

Interpreted language

Interpreted language

It’s an interpreted language.

So, it executing the code for every line.

You don’t need to check the whole program for execution.

Large standard library

Image credit: top-python-libraries

Python has many large libraries.

so, you don’t have to do the code for everything.

Because of this, you can import the advanced library from python.

Some libraries are Scipy, NumPy and Scrapy.

Dynimically typed language

x = "message"

output: message

Python is a dynamically typed language.

so, you don’t need to declare the variable.

because of this, you don’t need to care about the declaration of variables.

Python will do it for you.


Python has easy to use syntax.

so, you can perform operations easily.

because of this, you don’t need to care about the syntax of the language.

It’s interpreted and has a high language. so you don’t need to care about memory management.

So, What do you think about it? Is anything I have not covered, you want to cover? Comment on it. because comments will make this blog post more useful and enthusiastic.

I hope for more comments to make engagement with you.

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