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How to use Sublime Text 4 for python?


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In the previous block, 5 Best compilers to learn python in [2021], I have told you about Sublime Text.

Yet, I have given a short description.

In this blog, I’m going to show you the how-to-use sublime text 4 for python.

So, you would think why sublime text?

Sublime text is lightweight software. That means learning python easily in sublime text.

Likewise, it has great features that make it unique.

In short, I’m going to show you the features and How you can use them in python.

If you want to know about other programming languages. Check out the Sublime text here.

1.Unique feature of sublime text


You’ve seen different compiler and their features.

So, what makes sublime text unique?

Hence, I’ll tell you the great features of sublime text.

* Package control for install and maintain python


It’s one of the great features of sublime text.

So, what’s it?

It’s control management of different features. That means you don’t need to update, configure make clear the packages.

Sublime Text package controls its own will do it.

For example, you need a user input package. so, package management fixes it.

So, you’d say why we need packages?

You need packages for additional functionality.

* Python API for sending and reterview data in sublime text


I hope you know about API. If not I can tell you in short.

In short, API send and review the data between different modules.

For instance, you can say that one package has communicated with another package in sublime text.

so, by default sublime text created its root theme in python API.

Here, the question what’s the role of the python API?

There are many python files located at the root of the plugins.

These plugins generate the packages.

Hence, you can say that python API generating the packages and making communication between them.

Python 3.4, 3.6 and 3.8 supporting the sublime text.

But, Python 3.8 need a filename .python-version in the root of the packages.

To know more about the Python API check out the here.


* Syntax highlighting and multiple cursor


Syntaxes are a very important part of any programming language.

Same for python.

But if there are so many statements and expressions how will you track your syntax.

You can track with Syntax highlighting feature of the sublime text.

This feature highlight the syntax with different colours. As a result, you can identify your syntax with little effort.

Likewise, the sublime text has Multiple cursors. That means click on the first statement hold it and go to the second statement and click it.

If you write anything. It’ll implement in both lines.

Also, it has some new features in sublime text 4.

2.What’s new in sublime text 4?


Sublime Text 4 has been released with awesome features.

Those awesome features make it unique from another editor.

For example, in the new version, you can use autocomplete. Hence, it’ll complete the rest of the statement.

Likewise, it has a feature of the typescript, JSX and TSX.

Also, it’s compatible with python 3.8’s API.


3.How to start with python in sublime text?


Let’s start with how you can use sublime text for python.

As a result, you’ll go for higher projects in sublime text.

* Download the Sublime Text 4 in windows

Here, you’ve come to the first point.

The first stage is to go to this link here.

You’ll see the home page of sublime text.


Sublime Text 4 download


Make, sure you clicked on version 4.

It’s the most recent version.

After, setup you’ll see a screen of sublime text.


setup complete


* Save and run your first program


Before, running the first program you have to set the python environment in Sublime text.


Setup python in sublime text

After, you’ve selected python to run your first program


Run the program using ctrl+B

You can install many packages using Ctrl+shift+p. It’ll open command palette.

In this type, installed packages you’ll see different packages.

4. What version of python running in Sublime Text?


There are 4 versions in sublime text.

The most recent version is sublime Text 4.

This version contains, Python 3.8 with API.

You can use typescript, JSX and TSX in version 4.


Finally, We have reached to end of the blog.

In this blog, you had seen what’s the sublime text? And how can you use it?

The most recent version is Sublime Text 4. Hence, this version contains new features. Such as autocompletion, Python 3.8 API.

Likewise, you can use different packages.

Packages containers python files in root. Hence, Python API play important role in packages.

These packages use for additional functionality.

In short, you can say that python need packages in sublime. And these packages are controlled by python.

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So, I hope you feel it. If there is anything you want to cover comment on it!!

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