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How to use awesome spyder IDE easily for python?

Spyder ide

We as human beings like tools.

Likewise, you can use spyder ide for python. It’s a free tool.

Tool to explore and learn python every day, to grow every day.

As a result, I’m making blog posts on the series of python’s best compilers.

In the previous blog, I’ve told you about the How to download famous thonny easily for python?

Today is for spyder ide.

The awesome spyder ide for beginner-friendly python.

Hence, I’ll discuss How to use spyder ide easily for python?

For that, I’ll explain to you the awesome features of spyder.

Let’s begin with solving series of questions that you ought to know about.

Why you should choose spyder Ide?

First of all, spyder is created in python. Python is OOP(Object-oriented programming).

Hence, spyder pays close attention to the object of python.

Second, it has immense capability to outline the program.

So, you can easily navigate between folders and files.

Third, it supports high-level libraries. such as matplotlib.

Hence, you can develop graphs and calculate them.

All of the above, you can use spyder ide online. That means no worry about the installation process.

You can do it with Binder. In the binder, you can visit Spyder on the binder.

What makes spyder ide unique?

This question makes sense. Because why you would use spyder ide?

That means there are many compilers.

So, what makes it special?. And it’s for you or not.

Also, if its features don’t suit you. Straight forward move to some another compiler.

It’s best for you.

So, I’m going to show you its features.

First of all, it has great panes or tabs that you can move from one place to another.

Hence, you can open many windows in spyder ide.

Likewise, it has the features of split panes. so, you can easily split it into horizontal and vertical.

Second, it has features of outline same as a thonny.

Hence, you can track your program and the elements used in it.

Third, you can use the IPython console.

In the IPython console, you can run your command.

Likewise, if you’ve created any variable in the environment. You can call it in the IPython console.

Also, you can use matplotlib to draw graphs. Hence you can find gradients and vectors with spyder.

As a result, you’ll see matplotlib in your IPython console.

How to use spyder ide?

Image source:

To use spyder on your PC. you need to install it from

After, you’ve installed it you can have fun with it.

In this blog, I’m going to show you spyder with Binder. That means The feature that I’m going to show is the online spyder id.

Don’t worry!! In features wise, there is no difference between online and PC Spyder.

First, you can use the file option where you can save, edit and delete files.

In the file option, there is a symbol finder where you can find different symbols.

Likewise, it has a feature of panes that’s present in the view option.

For panes, you can unlock panes, hide the toolbars and maximize the current panes.

Image source:

Also, it has the feature of the help bar. Where you can find spyder documentation and tutorial videos.

Image source:

Enviornments for spyder ide

Operating system

The recommended environment for spyder is an anaconda environment.

Anaconda has large documentation.

Hence, anaconda supports the configuration and update of the spyder.

You can start spyder with the start menu in an anaconda environment.

From where you can launch the spyder ide.

Use spyder ide without anaconda

You can use different methods to install the spyder. yet it doesn’t recommend by spyder organization.

The reason behind it’s that this alternative is outdated or doesn’t use conda development.

First of all, In windows, you can use WinPython. Although, it doesn’t include conda package.

WinPython is a python distribution for windows7/8 and windowXP.

Second, for macOS, you can use port manager. The MacPorts does the help in doing this.

At last, In Linux, you can use different packages such as Debian, Ubuntu and other packages.

Remember, if the ubuntu package isn’t working. You can use the Debian package or another package.

Many times, ubuntu isn’t working because of the outdated version.

If you’ve used Linux you know to install any packages you need a set of commands.

To know these commands in Linux check out the Linux/installation/spyder.

Spyder ide for windows

spyder ide for windows

If you’re using a window, you can install it through the pip command.

Also, the pip command is available for macOS and Linux.

Most of you using the Windows platform. To install and activate spyder on these platforms.

You’ve to install a virtual environment, that’s not affected by another environment of PC.

To install a virtual environment you can use the below commands:

   python -m venv spyder-env
   spyder -env/Scripts/activate.bat

You’ve activated the virtual environment in windows.

The next step is to install spyder on the virtual environment.

You can do it with command

   pip install spyder

For python 2 you may need to install pip with PyQt5.

At last, you’ve installed spyder with the help of the pip.

Warning: If you know about python then you should use a pip environment, otherwise use anaconda supported by spyder.

Do the different programs and run on it spyder ide.


Finally, you’ve seen the ins and outs of spyder id.

That is to say the features of spyder ide.

Likewise, spyder supports anaconda development.

You can use different environments but it’s not recommended.

Also, you can use pip packages if you know python.

To install it first you’ve to activate the virtual environment.

The virtual environment can install the commands that I’ve shown.

So, what do you think about spyder? If it suits you. Use it.

Is anything you want to cover? Comment on it!!!

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