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How to download famous thonny easily for python?

Thonny python

Thonny is a python compiler for beginners. Hence, you can use it to learn python.

But what’s the thonny?

In my previous blog, you had seen How to use Sublime Text 4 for python?

Likewise, I had told about the lightweight features of sublime text.

On the contrary, I’m going to show you the beginner python compiler thonny.

Thonny that’s created at the University of Tartu in Estonia.

It has created for the purpose of learning and teaching python for beginners.

You can say that thonny is student-friendly.

Yes, I have given a short description of it in 5 Best compiler to learn python in [2021].

But this blog, going to give you detailed features of thonny.

Hence, after reading this blog you’ll learn how to use thonny for python.

What you must know about thonny python?

Thonny Python is free and open-source software. Hence, you can learn python easily.

Likewise, it is great for beginners. As a result, you can quickly install and run python.

You don’t have to trouble setting paths on your PC.

As a result, you can start coding as soon as possible.

Likewise, it has been created in python. so, you don’t need to care about the functionality and configuration.

Also, it supports Python 3.7.

But awesome thing is that you can change the python versions. Hence, you can use micropython for it.

Why should I care about it?

Ok, you’d say why should I care about thonny?

Yes, you’re right.

But you care as a student. That means it giving you the facility to create projects in python.

You can also learn python easily.

Also, if you irritate with the updation of software. so, thonny can solve it for you.

In conclusion, you can say that thonny doesn’t include new features in it.

It includes the Github fork. Hence, the new features don’t disturb the development of thonny.

As a result, thonny called sometimes old for this reason.

But if you don’t want to disturb your development process. Then thonny is a great place to start development.

” If you use thonny then you’re in ride of the python “

Thonny as a student friendly

As I have told you that thonny is created for learning python. And for the student.

So, why I’m saying this?

I’m saying this because of the process which thonny is following.

The process of Github forks, fast and easy installation. Also, the features that I’m going to show you.

Likewise, It giving you the whole structure of the program you’ve created.

As a result, if you’re a student and don’t aware of the debugging process. With thonny, you can find it easily.

Thonny for micropython

Micropython is a full-fledge python interpreter Created by MIT. It uses a microcontroller to run the program.

Thonny is giving you support for micropython in its environment. Hence, you can use thonny for micropython.

To access it you’ve to download thonny. I’ll show you the download in the next section.

But you can see the micropython below the image.

How should you download thonny?

Finally, I’ve come to a point where I’ll show you the installation and working pattern of thonny.

So, first, go to

You’ll see something like this

Homepage of

Second, you can set up the thonny path into PC.

Setup Thonny path

After, finishing the setup you’ll see something like this.

Installation complete

Next, click on to Let’s go!

Go to thonny

After, clicking you’ll see thonny editor where you can code your program.

Thonny program

Likewise I’m going to show you how can you use thonny and run it.

Also, I’ll show you the different features of thonny. that’ll make the development process easy for you.

The first feature is variable where you can find the variables you’ve used in your program.

Variable in thonny

After, clicking on Variables you’ll see a section of variables on the right side of the program.

variables in thonny

Likewise, it has a feature of the outline. That gives you an outline of your program.

Hence, you can see which functions and methods you’ve used in your program.

To access it go to view and select outline.

Outline option

After opening the outline on the right-hand side. you can see the outline box.

In that box, you’ll see the function fun that I’ve created.

Function outline in the program

The last feature that I’m going to show you is ProgramTree.

Program tree is useful to see the structure of your program.

For instance, you can see it in the below image.

The program tree is present at the bottom of IDE and the right side of the shell.

Program Tree of code

Finally, I’ve mentioned three features of it.

To know more features you can check out thonny’s features here.

If you know awesome features about thonny tweet here.

Thonny for Raspberry pi

Raspberry pi

If you know raspberry pi. then you know that the default programming language for it is python.

Hence, you can use thonny in raspberry pi.

Likewise, some features of thonny 3.0 and 3.3 were created by a raspberry pi.

So, you’ll not face any problem using raspberry pi.

Also, for interpreters, you need to use micropython in raspberry pi.

I know you’re getting excited.

To know more about how you can use thonny in raspberry pi check out thonny here.

Raspberry Pi use thonny as the heart for programming

Difference between thonny and vs code

Thonny vs Vs code

Thonny is created in python language.

Whereas, vs code created in C, C++ and other languages.

Thonny is for python. That means you can’t program any other language.

In opposite, with different extensions, you can program multiple languages in vs code.

Thonny is free and for the basic level.

But vs code is both basic and professional. Professional take charge.

For beginners, vs code is daunting. That means there is much functionality in vs code.

As a result, vs code takes time to understand the code.

Thonny is great for beginners. because it shows every functionality sinfully.

By default, thonny support the python 3.7 version.

Whereas, vs code supports version 3.8 and 3.9 of python.

What can you create with thonny?

When it comes to creating computer science is great.

We as a human being wants to create something from tools. (I also)

As a result, we searching for the best IDEs and compilers.

So, same for thonny I know you’re curious about development in thonny.

Thonny giving you chance to save your project and create something useful.

You can contribute thonny fork in GitHub.

The great thing is that if you’re a beginner then also you can contribute.

Likewise, you can create different python projects.

” In conclusion, you can say thonny is a sea for python stuff “

How to change python version in thonny?

The default version is python 3.7 in thonny.

But suppose you want to change it. How will you change it?

You can change the options menu. see the below image.

Go to the option menu

Click on the options menu you’ll see something like this

Select version


Thonny was created for beginners and students at the University of Tartu.

Python is the focus on thonny.

The reason is that it was created in python.

Likewise, it has created its GUI(Graphical User Interface) from Tkinter.

The Tkinter is a python GUI.

Also, thonny has different features such as outline, variable and program tree.

As a result, you can easily understand your program.

It has different plugins that’s a third party application.

So, what do you think about thonny? Is anything awesome you know which I don’t cover? Comment on the below box.

I’m curious to know!!

Happy Learning!!

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