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4 Best Python Compiler for the web browser in 2021

Compiler in programming

A Compiler is a computer program that translates one programming language into another.

For an analogy, you can say that the English letter is compiled into Hindi.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the python compiler.

There are many compilers. But these are more useful for python.

Because it almost saves you to learn javascript as a front-end language.

So, you can see these compilers below.

Brython-python compiler

Supports Python3 to 3.7

Brython is a python compiler replacing javascript as a web-scripting language.

if you want to code web development in python, it’s for you.

You can implement it using Python3.

It’ll change your python code into javascript.

Because of this, you can enhance your python skills in web development.

It provides better functionality in firefox instead of chrome.

The speed of Brython is similar to CPython for most operations.

It allows you to access javascript language within python. That means you can access libraries of javascript and use them in python.

If you’re new to python, you can use Brython/editor to learn python programming.

Pyjs-Python compiler

official website:

Pyjs is a Rich Internet Application(RIA) for web development.

It’s written in python.

Pyjs compile the python code into javascript.

With it, you can write a web framework in python.

Python is more readable than HTML and javascript language.

It’s giving them access to modules and classes of python.

pyjs hasn’t its library. so it uses Ajax for accessing the javascript library.

Ajax has a mixture of python and javascript libraries.


Official website: nuitka

Nuitka is a Python compiler.

It’s written in python to convert in C/C++ code.

Nuitka comes under APACHE license 2.0.

It’s slightly faster than CPython.

All optimizations of Nuitka are aimed at improving performance while ensuring perfect compatibility.

Nuitka is good for machine learning and data science with Anaconda development.

It makes an intelligent type interface.

Detect and use special case handling for strings, lists in the compiled program.

Shed skin


Shed skin was written in python and C++ language.

It comes with GPL and MIT licences.

So, GPL and Non-GPL both have contributed to it.

It supports pre 2.7 pythons to C++ programming language.

Shed skin can generate a standalone program that can use in large python programs.

It can also be used to generate a CPython module.

Another use is to wrap C++ classes using shed skin. It’ll use C++ classes as python classes.

Shed skin is in the early stage of development. so, there’re many interesting things to see in the future.


Compiler transfer code from one programming language to another.

Every programming language has a compiler.

So, Python has its own compiler.

The compiler which I’ve used in this programming is more useful.

These compilers are suitable for browsers and web development within the python language.

So, what do you think about it? Is anything you want to cover, I haven’t covered it. Please comment on it!!

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