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5 Best compiler to learn python in [2021]

Today, I’m going to discuss the best python compiler in 2021.

On the other hand, I’d told the online python compiler in the previous blog.

This blog is for the intermediate who want to explore the projects.

Therefore, In this blog, you’re going to see the offline compiler.

For beginners, you can check out my previous blog online python compiler.

A Compiler is a program that converts the high-level into a low-level program.

As a result, you’ll see project friendly compiler.


Image source: Pycharm

It’s specifically for python.

Meanwhile, it’s written in python and java.

As a result, you can learn python with it.

On the other hand, its code editor provides first-class support for javascript, typescript, CSS and HTML.

Therefore, you can use pycharm for web development.

Meanwhile, you can use smart search to jump any class, file or symbol.

It has a refractor that makes code safe, rename and delete using built-in developer tools.

Above all, it has scientific tools. For example, Matplotlib and Numpy.

These tools are integrated with IPython Notebook that has integrated Python console.

It uses the same functionally and environment. which means the functionality remains the same in Windows,macOS and Linux.

As a result, it has a single license key.

Above all, it has a feature of custom plugins.

Therefore, you can use IntelliJ plugins.

In conclusion, you can say that pycharm supports both front-end and back-end languages.


Sublime text

This is the sophisticated text editor for markup and prose.

As a result, it effortlessly split panes and navigate between code.

Also, it has multi-select functionality that makes the tab first class.

When performing the action modifier split the interface to show multiple tabs.

Side by side mode

Side by side mode

It supports side by side mode via the icon or holding Ctrl while clicking a link.

What’s New?

Image source:

GPU rendering

When rendering the interface, sublime text now utilizes the GPU(Graphics processing unit) on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Similarly, it renders both Software and hardware mode GPU via OpenGL.

Python API

It has API compatible with python 3.8

As a result, it’s faster and takes less time.

On the other hand, it has a feature of syntax highlighting.

To know more about API. check out the

Meanwhile, sublime has two types of projects.

First is the sublime-project file contains the project definition.

The second is sublime-workspace file contains user-specified data.

Certainly, it has spell-check feature.

As a result, the sublime text uses Hunspell for its spelling check.

On contrary, it builds a system to run an external program.


Thonny, Python IDE

It’s an IDE for Python beginners.

As a result, it has many features.

Firstly, it has a live variable during debugging.

Secondly, it has support for CPython and micropython.

Meanwhile, thonny comes with python3.7.

To run the program line by line you can use ctrl+F5.

Similarly, you can use highlight the syntax error with it.

For instance, scopes are important in variables.

As a result, thonny explains the scope of variables.

In addition to python, students can explore API with the help of code of completion.

In conclusion, you can say that thonny is compatible with python, you can learn python from it.

To know more about it. you can check out


Visual studio code

It has rich support for python.

As a result, it automatically installs the pylance and jupyter extension to give the best user experience.

Similarly, it has a feature that supports debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code, snippets and embed git.

On the other hand, it had created using typescript, javascript, HTML and CSS.

It ranked number 1 in the StackOverflow developer tool in 2021.

In 2021 it made higher growth in the StackOverflow developer tool comparison to 2019 and 2020.

It allows opening one or more directories that can be saved for future use.

Meanwhile, visual studio code can be extended via extensions.

Similarly, it has source control. Source control is a built-in feature of visual studio code.

To start with visual studio code you can check out

The above documentation is the official website of visual studio code.

If you want to start with python in vs code. You can check step by step guide at



It’s an open-source and IDE for scientific python programming language.

As a result, it integrated with Numpy, Scipy, pandas, Matplotlib, CPython as well as other open-source projects.

Because of open sources, it comes under an MIT license.

So, you’d thought what features making it useful for python?


Firstly, it has a feature of syntax highlighting and introspection.

Secondly, it has multiple IPython consoles. To know more about the IPython console in spyder, you can check out

Similarly, it has a feature of exploring and edit variables from GUI(Graphical User Interface).

In conclusion, you can say that spyder is fully compatible with python.

All of the above, if you want helpful resources, you can access them in IDE using an online browser.

In an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) you can use a history log to check each command in the shell.

Similarly, it has an Internal console to control spyder operations.

In conclusion, you can visit this infographic

Infographics of spyder


In this blog, you’d seen the best compiler of python.

These are pycharm, thonny, visual studio code, sublime text editor and spyder.

Sublime has the unique feature of misspelling.

Similarly, pycharm is best for typescript and web development.

On the other hand, thonny is good for python API.

Meanwhile, visual studio code rank #1 on the StackOverflow.

So, what do you think about it? Is anything you want to cover? Comment on it!

When you comment it increases the quality of the blog.

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