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How everything is an object in python?

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In recent times, me and my friends thinking about why everything is an object in python?

To know more about we have done the research and finally found it.

I can guess you also want to know why everything is an object in python?

What features and quality made the python object-oriented programming language?

To know more about why everything is an object in python? You have to find what is an object?

The object has a different definition in every programming language.

You are going to see what is object?

What is an object in python?


In python, the object is a component of a program that holds both data(variables) and methods(function).

For example, In the factory, 🏭 the component of the system, holding raw material and action in assembly lines is called an object.

In this example, the raw material is data and the assembly line is methods.

Sometimes in the place of a method python could hold attributes.

For example,


In the above example, you can see that I have applied the method type to the data of x.

The most interesting part is that class and type both synonymous with each other.

In this example, you can see that an str is an object which holds both data and attributes.

Everything is an object

In object-oriented programming languages like python, the object is a component that holds data and functionality together.

In python, everything is an object that means every component has data(attributes) and action(methods or functions).

These data and methods can access via dot(.) Syntax.

For example,



In the above example, you can see that I have worked on variable x with the help of remove method.

Also, access the attribute with the help of dot(.) Syntax.

When I say everything in Python is an object, I mean it.

Even the attribute and methods in object are also objects.

For example,

>>>x = 5.0


In the above example, you can see that data x and method is_integer is also objects themselves.

Why everything is an object?

Everything is an object that gives great benefit to using python. The objected-oriented created great advantages.

For example,

1. Easy troubleshooting

Object-oriented programming gives easy troubleshooting that means if the problem found in some parts you have not to look anywhere.

You can attack that part and solve it.

2. Reuse code through Inheritance

You can reuse the code in python with the help of Inheritance.

Inheritance is building new in the base of old code.

For example, you have to build a new car tesla in the base of Honda.

There are some commonalities in both car but you have to build a tesla car.

For more, you can visit my blog python-inheritance on reusable code.

3.Data redundancy

With the help of the data redundancy, you can store the same piece of data in a two different place

For example, the sale record of a salesman. In this case multiple sales of the same salesman store in a different place.

But the name of the salesman is the same in both entries. It’s data redundancy.

4. Make a security

With the use of data hiding and abstract, you can secure the data in python. So data will not be visible to attackers.

5. Effective problem solving

Suppose, you have to solve the problem. So, you don’t check the whole program.

Simply you can break the program into small pieces and solve the problem in a specified area without affecting another part of the program.

The great benefit of OOP(object-oriented programming) is that it does affect the whole program to solve the problem.

This all advantage of OOP makes the reason you should use python 🐍 programming language.


Everything in python is object means every data and methods are associated to each other.

With the help of the OOP(object-oriented programming), you can store same piece of data in different places.

In python, you can group similar things.

You don’t need to keep track of little things in python because Everything is in python is an object.

There are many advantages of OOP(object-oriented programming) which increase the productivity of developers.

I hope you loved this blog. If you found something misinform you can comment on it.

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