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Python Facts

1.Named after tv show .
2.python was a hobby project!
3.Big companies using python !
 There are many Big      
Companies which using
Python in theirs
some of these are:--->

● Google
● Facebook
● Netflix
● yahoo
● Reddit
4.The zen of python
5.Easy syntax

The python has easy syntax comparison to C,C++and other programming language. In python we have not to declare the variable we can easily assign the value to variable.

6.can return multiple values 
# python can return multiple values.

def func():
return 1,2,3,4

one,two,three,four =


Output: (1,2,3,4)
7.python doesn't support pointer

In python the value are calling through reference not pointer. The python has simplicity concept and pointers are complex,which calling value.

8.Function argument unpacking.

Function unpacking is another awesome feature of python. To unpack list and dictionary python uses * or ** operator.

def point(x,y):

list = (3,4)
dict = {"y":3,"x":2}

# unpacking list

# unpacking dictionary

Output: 3 4
3 2
9.python over French 
10.Python is Open Source 
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