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Creating simple django app

    We  have  seen  the  server  of  learning_log  project.  In  this  project  we  are  going  to  start  a  new  app  which   will  connect  to learning_log   project.  The  reason  of  doing  this  one  project  created  by  small  groups  of  folder. The  name  of  app  is learning_logs. In  this  app  we  will  create   a  admin  page.

To start  we will use  following  command:-

1) First  you have to check  virtual environment  is active  or not ?

■How you will check ?

.venv  mention  in  your  path

.venv\User\learning_log >

■ if  not  mentioned ?

Activate – >>>.venv\Scripts\activate

2>>> startapp learning_logs

      Giving  this  command   the  new  folder  created  with  name  learning_logs.


3) Make  models

models tell django how to work  with data that will store in app.Code-wise, a model is just a class; it has attributes and methods, just like every class we’ve discussed.

        So,first  we  have import  the  models. first  open  learning_logs/ .When     you will open this file you  will    see  something  like  this —

from django.db import models
# Create your models       

        Here  the  models  for  topics  user  will  store

from django.db import models

class Topic(models.Model):
   """A topic the user  
    is learning about"""

   ➊    text = models.CharField(max_length=200)
   ➋     date_added = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)
   ➌   def str(self):
       """Return a    
         of the model.   
      return self.text

We’ve created a class called Topic, which inherits from Model—a parent class included in Django that defines the basic functionality of a model. Only two attributes are in the Topic class: text and date_added.

       At ➊ you use CharField when you want to store a small amount of text, such as a name, a title, or a city.

When we define a CharField attribute, we have to tell Django how much space it should reserve in the database. Here  we have given max length 200.

      At  ➋  have  created  timestamp  to  see  the  date – time  of  topics  for  order  in  entry.

     At  ➌  Django  calls  a  str() method  to  display  a  simple representation  of  a  model.   Here  we’ve  written  a  str() method that returns the string stored in the text attribute ➌.

4) Connect learning_logs app to project learning_log.

     1) Go  to                                     

     2) In setting  see  the  section  Installed_apps.

     3) Include  ‘learning_logs’ app        in  this  section.

5) Create  a  database

               Creating  a   database  is  necessary   to  store  the  data  in  app. We  will  make migrations  to   make  a  space. Then  we  will migrate  the  data.

>>>python makemigrations

>>>python migrate

Whenever  we  want  to  modify the  data  that  Learning  Log manages, we’ll  follow  these three  steps: modify, call  makemigrations  on learning_logs, and  tell  Django  to migrate  the  project.

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