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πŸ˜”πŸ˜”The Mistake we made in programming ! πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

We all are doing programming.but actually we don’t know, we are learning some valuable thing or not ?

Many times we just writing the code and we understand that we learnt about coding. It’s not that my friends. Anyone can copy the code from book and write down. So we’ll see what is the mistakes we are doing ?

1. What’s the true coding ?

Ans: I had experienced that only writing code from book not giving learning of code. It’s not useful in terms of developing something. We have to understand the code and think about practical application of code.

2. What’s the myth about programmer ?

Ans : The people think that programmers are doing every time coding . It’s not true,most of the time programmer try to understand how the code is going to work in projects. What the part we have to add,remove sorted etc.

3.What the top mistakes that I have made in python programming ?

Ans : The greatest mistake I have made to rush for large content in python at once.The second mistake not to known about why I ‘m using this code instead of another code ?

4. What approach we can take in programming?

Ans : To solve the problem in efficient way. Learn from previous mistake. The questioning approach we can take.

5. Is programmer alone person or something else ?

Ans : Many times we think that programmers are people who are doing coding in pack room,but it’s not that. You can see that Great project like,Open source,Free software all were happened in community. So,we tend to join programmer community.

6. Is programming all about solve the problem ?

Ans : Solving the problem is one aspects of programming. With help of programming we can make machines fast and efficient. We can automate the process.

7.To learn multiple Programming language at once is good ?

Ans : If you are learning coding or multitasking from childhood,you can learn. But if you are new in programming I suggest you to start from one language . After some time,You can start second programming language. It’s beneficial to learn one after another.

So,we have seen that what’s the mistake we are making. If you have something to tell about mistakes we are making you can tell in comments.

If you have something new related to programming you can tell me.


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