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In 2021 touch people’s lives through Python programming

Python was created as a successor of ABC Programming.

In 1991 Guido van Rossum working in ABC. He was frustrated with the GUI(Graphical User Interface) of ABC.

To solve this problem he created python. Simplicity is the foundation of the Python language.

Python created for you If you believe in simplicity. It’s simple for you. You can learn it easily. You can go from basics to Advance level in python.

There are three versions of Python. The most recent version is 3.9.

Python is a dynamic programming language. It’s OOP(Object Oriented Programming).

That means all things are methods and functions in python. These functions and methods make it useful for Data Science and AI(Artificial Intelligence).

For Data Science and Artificial Intelligence(A.I), You can use python. It’s a booster for data science.

Python is great for large numbers. You can handle it. For handling this number it has a NumPy library.

In this blog, I’m going to touch on the areas where Python is using.

The topics which I’m going to cover are

1. Automation
2. Economics
3. Robotics
4. Social distancing


Python is OOP(Object-Oriented Programming) that makes it useful for automation.

Automation is using in AI(Artificial Intelligence).


There are many tasks you want to automate. For example, repeated process.

For this you need automation. You’ll use AI for it. Recently, Python using in Digital Marketing for automation.

Automation has many benefits. You can automate the task.

Touch lives in economics

Economics with Python

Economics is a vast field for statics and mathematics.

If you’re economics you have to do many repetitive tasks. such, as downloading data from the Internet. Make a file for calculation and statics.

These all tasks take too much time and energy.

If I would say your task will be done by python. how would you feel?

I’m sure you feel great.

To download data from the Internet, copy the file and collect them in the order you as an economist use python’s pandas-DataReader.

It’ll save your time and energy.

Python in robotics

Python in robotics

In the future robotics going to solve the biggest problems of the world.

This emerging technology using Python for its Robot Operating System(ROS).

There are many libraries in python for robotics such as Pyro(Python remote objects), DART(Dynamic Animation and Robotics Toolkit) and many more.

For example, Pyro using for applications in which objects can talk to each other in a network with less programming effort.

DART Using for data structure and algorithm for kinematics and dynamic application in robotics.

You can use Python for ROS(Robot Operating System).

Social distancing

Social distancing with Python

In this covid time, we need social distancing.

As you know the importance of social distancing. How important it’s.

But how do you know how much distance you need for social distancing? because every time you couldn’t measure.

You need something which can measure it for you and give you an indication.

You need social distancing with python.

Object detection using Python

Object detection using python

You can detect the object with python.

For detecting face you can use a classifier.

In a simple sense, the classifier can be a function that detecting the category of an object.

The classifier is provided from the open CV library.

Making social distancing python is useful. Although it’s not an accurate, cheap solution.


Python is a high level interpreted language.

You can use it in applications such as economics, data science and robotics.

It’s easy to use attitude making it more relevant for social distancing. In social distancing, you can use an open cv library.

Python is a dynamic programming language that makes it useful for automation and GUI(Graphical User Interface).

What do you think? Is anything I haven’t covered you want to cover. Comment on it! I would happy to take it.

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