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The identifier in python for storing the data

Python programming

Python is a high-level and general-purpose language.

It has great features that make it useful for desktop environments.

The identifier in python stores the data.

For example, the cup is holding tea.

so, the cup is a variable and tea is a value.

because of this cup name identify with letters.

Same for the python variable.

You need some rules to understand the python identifier.

So, next time you can create your identifier.

What’s python identifier?

Python identifier

Python identifier is a variable.

To make a valid identifier you need to understand some rules of it.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about these rules.

What are the rules?

Rules of identifier

You can start an identifier with the letter.

The letters between a-z or A-Z can choose.

Identifier can’t start with a number. because if first is number then it will take its value. It’ll take a lot of time for a parser.

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The alphabet should start with a lowercase letter.

For example,

name = "python"

output: python

The class name should start with uppercase. because it’ll separate from the variable name.

You can start identifier with an underscore(_). It’s different from whitespace.

The identifier starts with _(underscore) is a private variable.

If identifier starts with a double underscore(__). It’s a strong private variable.

For example,

# private variable
_name = "john"

output: john

You can start the identifier with an alphanumeric. Alphanumeric are the mixtures of alphabets and numbers.

For an analogy, you can say how our Gmail-id is showing, [email protected].

So, you can use python Identifier to store the data.

Invalid Identifier in python

The invalid identifier in python

It can’t start with numbers.

so, you’ve to only start with letters and underscores (_).

You can’t create an identifier with symbols such as @,#,%.

These symbol doesn’t mean anything in string.

So, you’ve to always start with alphanumeric or underscore characters.

Whitespaces are not allowed in it. because of this you can use underscore in python.

It’s not allowed because of its ambiguity

so, there are invalid characters in python identifiers such as @,#,%.

because of this, you can’t create identifiers with these characters.


The Python identifier is a variable.

It holds value. You can say it’s the address of the value.

It’s one of the python-feature.

You can create an identifier with alphanumeric characters.

An identifier starts with alphabets and underscore.

You can’t start with an invalid character such as %,@,#. whitespace isn’t allowed because of its ambiguity.

So, what do you think about python identifiers? Is anything I haven’t covered you want to cover?

Comment on it because when you comment you and I both can find the best solution for it.

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